GANJ News: Advanced Innovations for our Patients

orbera gastric procedureHere at Gastroenterology Associates of New Jersey, we are going above and beyond for our patients. As many individuals from all walks of life come through our doors on their path to wellness, our elite-level team of gastroenterologists stay up to date on advanced and innovative procedures. Within the last calendar year, five major procedures have been implemented, performed, and successful. While these procedures are very much in the present, we always have one eye out towards the future and keeping up with the latest and greatest is a promise we will never break. We are proud to share with you the five advanced procedures being performed at GANJ, along with the positive results:

1) Transoral Incisionless Fundoplication (TIF). We performed our first TIF two weeks ago and the patient has COMPLETE resolution of reflux symptoms from which she has suffered for over a decade despite maximum dose PPI.

2) Orbera Balloon (Gastric Balloon). We have performed 5 Orbera balloon placements at Premier Endoscopy. The top performing patient weighs 58 POUNDS LESS at 6 months. Patients have lost between 25 and 58 lbs. We have been making use of a novel Skype™-based nutrition program with good results.

3) AXIOS Stenting.  The first two transgastric AXIOS stents under EUS guidance have been placed for pseudocyst drainage at St. Joseph's Hospital. Most recently, we have completed a transgastric PANCREATIC NECROSECTOMY without surgery, using endoscopic techniques alone. This was a truly novel procedure for New Jersey. GANJ would highly recommend the use of the AXIOS stent for all persistent pseudocysts located in proximity to the gastric wall.

4) Next Generation Cholangioscopy. Spyglass has been updated to a non-fiber-optic image now offering beautiful imaging of the biliary tree with the ability to biopsy and selectively cannulate the biliary tree under direct visualization.

5) CDX brushing. Allows for much more accurate diagnosis of Barrett's esophagus and leads to higher detection rates of dysplasia.

We’d like to announce that GANJs CENTER FOR ADVANCED ENDOSCOPY has the highest volume of ERCPs, EUS/FNAs, Endoscopic Mucosal Resections, and Double Balloon Enteroscopies in the region.

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