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The physicians at Gastroenterology Associates of New Jersey are proud to announce that we can now offer our patients TeleMedicine Visits.
In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we believe that taking part in social distancing is an important component of controlling the spread of the virus. Doing so, will protect our patients, our providers, and our families.

When you call to schedule an appointment with a GANJ provider, you will be offered the opportunity to convert your in-person office visit, into a TeleMedicine Visit so that you can be evaluated from the comfort of your home.

The only requirements for a TeleMedicine Visit are:

A valid email address and a cell phone or computer with a functioning camera and microphone. TeleMedicine Visits are easy and efficient and will allow the providers at GANJ to continue to deliver high-quality care to our patients during this difficult time.
If at any time, you or your provider feels that you would benefit from an in-person evaluation – please be assured that we will continue to provide in-office visits to our patients.

Call to schedule your visit today.

TeleMedicine Visits are covered by Medicare and Commercial Insurance

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