GANJ Marches into Colon Cancer Awareness Month

As the calendar turns from February to March, the days get longer, the sun shines brighter and spring fills the air. Though the new year started back in January, the first weeks of spring always feel like the true beginning of the new year ahead.

For Gastroenterology Associates of New Jersey (GANJ), however, the first month of spring starts quite differently. While we pride ourselves on changing, saving and educating patient lives’ to the fullest all 12 months of the year and have so many gastrointestinal disorders coming in and out of our doors (with our twenty physicians covering them all), March isn’t just one of those months for us. It is Colon Cancer Awareness Month across the medical community, and it is an observance we take very seriously.

Our website, social media, offices and the like are full with patient education information on colon cancer and colonoscopies. In our offices, our staff can be seen wearing their blue awareness t-shirts as well as handing out the bracelets our patients loved so much last year. In addition, we will share events in the area all month long, such as walks, public speaking events or fundraisers dedicated to colon cancer awareness.

As we look forward to the years and decades ahead, GANJ firmly believes we will be one of the innovators in revolutionizing prevention, screening and treatment for colon cancer. Please see below for a quick snapshot of resources available right here on the GANJ website available all year at your convenience:

GANJ Acquires the Fuse Endoscopy System to target polyps:

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