Recognize GI Symptoms and Act Fast to Stay Healthy this Holiday Season

imagesFrom Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, we are expected to see family, show our faces at social gatherings, attend holiday parties, and do plenty of shopping. In the busiest season of the year, we must be at our best health. Whether you have a preexisting condition and haven’t reached out for treatment, don’t know you have a condition that can worsen by the stressful holiday season, or are taking action to avoid getting sick, we have put together some tips to get you through the season:

Know your symptoms

The majority of office visits to gastroenterologists every year are GERD related. It is so common that there is an entire section of over-the-counter drugs at the local pharmacy dedicated to it. Many people write off heartburn as a one-time-thing. Or it must’ve “been something they ate.” While this can happen, usually there is an underlying cause. Symptoms of IBS/IBD may even be more unpleasant and noticeable. While GERD symptoms can rear their ugly head only at night for some, IBS/IBD symptoms can ruin the entire day. If you’re feeling under the weather, having symptoms of various conditions on seen our website, stop in to see one our GI doctors today. The sooner you take action, the sooner you’ll feel better.

Avoid Aggravating Pre-existing Conditions

It is extremely easy to over-indulge during the holiday season. Family dinners and work holiday parties offer plenty of food, and sometimes your eyes are bigger than your stomach. Portion control and healthy options at the dinner table will go a long way to not aggravate any GI issues. Those with ulcers and GERD may want to avoid trigger foods, just as those with gluten sensitivity will want to make sure gluten-free options are on the table.

Beat the germs

Viruses, while usually temporary, can really knock you on your butt, and fast! During the madness that is the holiday season, we often forget simple everyday things such as washing your hands. From touching escalators at malls to shaking countless hands at family and social events, germs are everywhere. For those of you who haven’t had the norovirus, and this may be an extremely small group, it is unpleasant. Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea are the primary symptoms. Stay hydrated, carry hand sanitizer, and wash your hands. Unfortunately, once contracted, the virus has to run its course. Your best bet is to beat the germs before they lay you in bed for the holidays.