Launching the 2.0 Model - SonarMD

It's an exciting time to be a part of SonarMD!

Over the past month, we have launched SonarMD '2.0' at Gastroenterology Associates of New Jersey (GANJ), Digestive Healthcare Center (DHC), and Allied Digestive Health in New Jersey.

These launches were made possible after years of working with practices throughout the country, and learning how to build a sustainable shared savings model. As we continue to engage in discussions with payers/health plans, we hope to bring the 2.0 shared savings model into the fold for more of our practices.

The SonarMD '2.0' Model has three guiding principles: Lower Physician Practice Burden, Value-Based Care, and Guaranteed Payer Savings.

(1) Lowering Physician Practice Burden: The SonarMD team takes on the burden of enrolling and monitoring patients in the program and only reaches out to the practice when a patient requires further assessment. This allows the practices to maintain their provider - patient relationship and entrusting SonarMD to catch the patients whose symptoms are deteriorating more rapidly.

(2) Value-Based Care: The SonarMD '2.0' model aligns practice incentives as practices receive compensation for each member enrolled as well as for each patient that has improved outcomes. Practices experience only upside risk when working with 2.0.

(3) Guaranteed Payer Savings: Payers that participate in the SonarMD '2.0' Model have zero downside risk from the program.

Both GANJ and DHC have completed the implementation process and have been excellent partners thus far, going above and beyond to make the early days of our partnership successful.

In addition to our work with GANJ, DHC, and Allied Digestive Health, we continue to work closely with our partner practices throughout the country to identify value-based care opportunities.

We hope you all had lovely Thanksgiving breaks, and are excited for what's to come as we continue to gain momentum going into the final month of the decade. Be sure to check out our recurring monthly newsletters to stay up to date with the latest SonarMD news and notes!