Party at The Brownstone for the Holidays: GANJ Celebrates Eight Years

Gastroenterology Associates of New Jersey (GANJ) celebrated their eighth year as a group on Thursday, January, 5 2017, with a special party held at The Brownstone in Paterson, NJ.

Doctors, office staff and distinguished guests were invited to celebrate. GANJ COO Steven Puchik took the microphone before the dance floor opened up to say a few words to his staff. “Thank you, everyone, for all the hard work you do each and every day to ensure our patients receive the best care possible,” he stated. “This group started eight years ago with only nine doctors and 20 employees. Now, we’ve grown to 20 doctors and nearly 100 employees.”

Last year’s party not only signaled the seventh year anniversary of GANJ but also the retirement of a founding physician, Dr. Subodh Patel. Dr. Patel—as well as his peers—were on hand to give a warm reception to Dr. Pavlou, CEO, as he took the stage. “Hello, everyone, thank you for celebrating with us.” Dr. Pavlou continued, “A lot has happened in the last eight years, but we are extremely proud to say we are still the second biggest GI group in New Jersey.

What has helped us stay so successful is that we have been able to do it our way. Because of this, our patients get the best care possible and our group runs the way we envisioned when we first joined forces eight years ago.” Dr. Pavlou also went on to mention GANJ physicians are now Tier 1 doctors, pushing them up the rankings when potential patients are choosing gastroenterologists for their digestive needs.

Eight years down and many more to come, GANJ still prides itself on innovation, comfort, and healing the mind, body and soul.