IBS Patients Can Benefit from New Pills that Sense Intestinal Gas

shutterstock_317904674IBS patients may finally find some relief as an inaugural trial using “smart” pills to measure intestinal gas reaches favorable results. GANJ doctors, particularly Dr. Haleh Pazwash, have been keeping an eye on this trial as it points to a bright future in the fight against IBS. IBS, as we know from IBS Awareness Month, affects 1 in every 7 Americans. Patients have been told diet, exercise and fiber play a key role in combatting IBS.

Leading the research testing, Kourosh Kalantar-zadeh, PhD, Centre for Advanced Electronics and Sensors, RMIT University, Australia, found not only did the smart pills uncover the amount of gas produced, but also the specific intestine in which it is stored. He believes that this technology could potentially allow researchers to create personalized diets or drugs to efficiently target the affected areas in the gut to improve prevention and management of digestive disorders and diseases.

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