Gluten Free Fall Comfort Foods

raw-onion-sunflower-cashew-crackers-m1As with many fall traditions, comfort food is a must. Last week we posted a blog article on how to enjoy your fall sweet tooth without aggravating IBS symptoms. This week we shift the focus to those who suffer from gluten sensitivity. In recent years awareness for gluten-free diets has stormed the nation and has been a heavy topic in our offices and on our website.  Transitioning from a processed food diet to a gluten-free diet can seem like a daunting task. We’ve done our best to put together five fall-style comfort foods, with the help of, we believe will make your transition hardly noticeable:

  1. Caramel Slice. Who doesn’t love a caramel slice in the fall? There’s no reason you shouldn’t enjoy it, too. Enjoy a raw, organic, real version food version. has prepared a recipe we are sure will crave your sweet tooth
  1. Hot chocolate. There is something about chocolate that we as humans have written in our DNA. Many of those processed pre-packaged mixes found in the food store contain enough chemicals to upset your stomach on the first sip. Instead, we’ve found the perfect recipe that will allow you to enjoy hot chocolate again.
  1. Pizza. More on the savory side than sweet, though there are many dessert pies that sell like hot cakes this time of year, pizza’s high wheat content has been a long time nemesis of gluten sufferers. We found a cauliflower pizza crust that is not only delicious but allows you to be as creative as you want. We suggest 100% pure tomato paste, topped off with your favorite vegetables.
  1. Soup. So many options, so much taste, and so many ways to make it. Soup is a go-to fall/winter classic that can be accompanied by a full meal or enjoyed on its own. Soups devoted to herb detox, organic vegetables, and light broths seem to soothe those suffering from gluten sensitivity. For a Thanksgiving favorite, try this
  1. Crackers/cheese dip. Thankfully, your weakness for crackers and cheese dip will not be harmed in your transition from processed to organic foods. Sunflower crackers with an array of homemade cashew cheese dips, pesto dios, or hummus taste delicious.

To learn more on gluten sensitivity: