GANJ Releases Video Highlighting the Core Values of the Practice

In early March, seven of our 18 physicians met at the Endoscopy Center of Northern New Jersey, PA to film educational videos on various subjects, including:

When that was done, the team gathered for one last video where they would demonstrate the abilities, vision and scope of the practice they helped build nine years ago. Debuting live on our social media platforms on July 5, 2018, the video began with an introduction by COO Steven J. Puchik:

“Part of our focus is to think of ourselves as one, collectively, to serve the community to heal not only body but mind and spirit, as well.”

Dr. Andrew S. Boxer took the time to showcase our ability to stay informed on the latest technology in the ever-growing medical industry:

“We pride ourselves on staying up to date with current research. We are constantly working to measure quality and attain the highest levels. We are up to date with the newest medicines and therapies as well as the newest procedures.”

One of the founding fathers of Gastroenterology Associates of New Jersey (GANJ) Dr. Gary Kosc explained why we differ from other practices:

“We are different in that we are community-based physicians with a multi-generational presence in our practices. We offer a private and friendly experience for you and your family and we use the latest techniques to diagnose and treat colon cancer and polyps.”

Check out our video today!