GANJ Working Together With Horizon to Improve Patient Care

We are proud to announce that our superior physicians have been chosen to participate  in Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey (BCBSNJ) Episodes of Care (EOC) programs. As an added bonus, the size and scope of Gastrointestinal Associates of New Jersey (GANJ) has earned us the title of largest participating group in one of these elite programs.

What does an EOC program entail?

In these programs, a practice or physician orchestrates the full spectrum of care for a specific medical condition, illness or life event. Horizon BCBSNJ’s goals for the EOC programs are to:

  • Achieve better quality outcomes
  • Improve the patient experience
  • Reduce the total cost of care

In doing so, the program provides the highest quality of care for all Horizon BCBSNJ members. Our physicians have been chosen to lead the the four comprehensive EOC programs:

Visit Horizon BCBSNJ’s website for a full list of details, including the physicians, locations and contact information.

How are the physicians graded?

At the completion of each episode, patient satisfaction surveys are conducted to ensure that members are happy with the level of they were received and were an active part of making decisions regarding their health. As of 2016, overall satisfaction from members was rated at 94 percent.