GANJ celebrates GERD Awareness Week, Performs the Mannequin Challenge

Lost in all the Thanksgiving festivities was an awareness week that deeply influences the GANJ community, and gastroenterology as a whole. Each year, the week of November 20th-27th is named GERD Awareness Week. Doctors, hospitals, and researchers spend endless hours studying, consulting, and treating GERD. GANJ used this week to educate patients on the symptoms, causes, and treatments to the disease that affects millions annually. Just recently, our very own Dr. Joseph Shami discussed the innovative TIFF Procedure. For now, Doctors Joseph Shami and Matthew Grossman of GANJ are the only physicians in the area performing the breakthrough procedure.

On Wednesday, before breaking for the Holiday, the GANJ Central Business Office recognized GERD Awareness Week by wearing blue. During a holiday breakfast, the staff performed the trending mannequin challenge. While the mannequin challenge does not particularly have a cause attached to it, GANJ decided to perform it on behalf of GERD Awareness Week.

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