GANJ Acquires the FUSE Endoscopy System

Gastroenterology Associates of New Jersey has recently announced that they have acquired the Fuse Endoscopy System. GANJ Physician, Dr. Andrew Boxer, recently sat down with a video crew to discuss the innovative system:

Are There New Innovations in Colonoscopy?

“Up until now, there has been very few innovations with colonoscopies in the past few years, even decades,” explains Dr. Boxer. “A standard colonoscopy is a long tube with a single camera and we’re able to see one-hundred and seventy degrees around, so we aren’t able to see a complete three-hundred and sixty degrees around.”

What is the FUSE Endoscopy System?

GANJ has successfully acquired a new camera at two of our Endoscopy Centers. “Instead of a single camera at the end, we have that same camera and we also have two cameras at the side. That now extends our field of vision from a normal one-hundred and seventy degrees to a full three-hundred and thirty degrees. It is now like I have eyes in the back of my head.” Dr. Boxer continues, “With this,we are able to find many more polyps and with that bring out colon cancer prevention rate up.”

How Does a Patient Prepare for the FUSE System?

Preparation for the FUSE system is no different than a standard colonoscopy. The only differences is the tools the physician is using. Patients with any questions are urged to call the front office of the Doctor they have selected.

 Who else is using the FUSE Endoscopy System?

As of now, GANJ is the only GI group in the area using the FUSE Endoscopy System.

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