Dr. Matthew Grossman takes to TV to discuss the Innovative Gastric Balloon

As the video points out, obesity is much more than what we can see physically and needs to be taken much more seriously. Dr. Grossman, our advanced and therapeutic endoscopy specialist, took to the big screen recently to discuss this ongoing issue in America, why it is being treated incorrectly, and how the Gastric Balloon can help.

“Until much recently, we have recommended diet and exercise for weight loss in America. The problem with that is it has minimal effects.” Dr. Grossman is referring to the reversing of the metabolic effects of obesity: diabetes and fatty liver, to name a few. “The Gastric balloon is a very elegant technology that replaces the surgical intervention, so rather than a surgery where we cut through the skin and abdominal wall, we go down the mouth into the stomach and place the balloon into the stomach with no cutting involved,” Dr. Grossman explains.

The balloon produces a sensation of fullness for the six month period the patient is undergoing the treatment, and is easily removed once the six months have been completed. While the balloon is in place, a nutritionist will meet with the patient monthly so the patient does not have to miss work.

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Facts about gastric balloon for weight loss.