The Double Balloon Enteroscopy: More Efficient Than the Capsule Endoscopy? 

What is double-balloon enteroscopy?

Double-balloon enteroscopy (DBE)—also known as push-pull enteroscopy— is a new endoscopic technique that allows complete examination of the small bowel. Since its development in Japan in 2001, many gastroenterologists around the world perform the procedure. At Gastroenterology Associates of New Jersey (GANJ), Dr. Matthew Grossman not only performs DBE but has the highest volume of DBE procedures yearly in New Jersey. 

Is a double-balloon enteroscopy more efficient than the small bowel endoscopy?

DBE is a complementary technique to small bowel capsule endoscopy, not necessarily a replacement for it. Often, the abnormalities found in a capsule endoscopy are investigated by DBE since DBE can take biopsies and/or perform treatment, which a capsule endoscopy cannot do. In addition, when these two procedures are combined, they are the two of the most powerful, noninvasive and easy ways to investigate the small bowel.

How is a double-balloon enteroscopy performed?

DBE can be performed one of two ways, and both are noninvasive. DBE oral and DBE rectal options are both performed with minimal discomfort and a very low complication rate. Both procedures require the patient to be sedated with medication. In the case of the DBE oral, the patient’s throat is anesthetized with spray so minimal discomfort is achieved. Procedure instructions for both will soon be available on our website.