The Benefits of Exercise for Gastrointestinal Health

If your brain is the engine, then your digestive system is the battery. Our gastrointestinal (GI) tract must be in tip-top shape or our whole body suffers. For ages, researchers and dieticians have tried to find the right diets and medications to treat various illnesses of the GI tract. Many, on the other hand, turn to exercise as a cure-all for what ails them. Now, we know what you’re thinking: Exercise? Isn’t that good for your heart or weight loss? How’s that going to help my inflammatory bowel disease (IBD)?

Well, you’d be surprised. Our friends over at help us explain the many benefits of exercise on the GI system:  

Increases Metabolism

An increase in metabolism is one of the most immediate health benefits of exercising.  With your metabolism in full swing, food can move through the digestive system much quicker, thus easing the load on it. If food does not pass through fast enough, it often rots and becomes toxic inside the tract. An increased metabolism will also aid in the absorption of nutrients your body needs to fight off disease and builds up the immune system (not to mention helping you lose and maintain a healthy weight).

Massages Internal Organs

Abdominal and core workouts are great exercises that massage the intestines so they can relax, much like a neck massage helps neck muscles relax. Next time you’re going through some tummy trouble, try some abdominal exercises instead of the gas medicine. It could make a world of difference.  

Strengthens Muscles

Exercise is the foundation of all muscle building and strengthening, including your GI tract. Strong muscles will help food move more efficiently that will make it easier on the system overall.

Relaxes the Body, Soul and Mind

Your brain is going a mile a minute every day, and so is your digestive tract. Exercise is shown to reduce stress levels throughout the entire body. In fact, half an hour is all that’s generally needed four to five days a week to ensure your body, mind and soul (and digestive system) can be at peace.