Advanced Therapeutic Gastroenterology: Minimally Invasive Procedures within GANJ

The term “under the knife” may never be spoken again in a Gastroenterology Associates of New Jersey (GANJ) office if Dr. Matthew Grossman has anything to say about it.

Dr. Grossman performs what is known as advanced therapeutic gastroenterology, which opens the door and allows non-surgical options for patients who have for 50 years or more go for surgery. The number one goal for Dr. Grossman is simple: spare the patient a rather invasive surgery. When patients and the general public speak about a future without scars and lengthy recovery periods, we at GANJ remind them that that day has arrived. 

Beginning with state-of-the-art colonoscopies, we are sparing the patient a rather invasive surgery when we remove polyps from the colon with no cuts, no scars and no recovery time. With advanced procedures such as the double-balloon enteroscopy, we are able to see the entire length of the small intestine, sparing the patient a more invasive exploration. “When we perform advanced procedures on different stages of disease, we intervene at a time when surgery would be the only other option,” states Dr. Grossman. 

Along with Dr. Grossman, Dr. Joseph Shami of GANJ is performing another advanced minimally invasive procedure called transoral incisionless fundoplication, or TIF. TIF is the same procedure a surgeon could do with a laparoscopy or performing robotic surgery. However, TIF offers an incisionless technique in which the surgeon performs the work on the inside of the body. Done under general anesthesia in a hospital setting, it is performed as a same-day procedure. This is unlike the surgical procedures from the past that required two to three-day hospital stay.

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