Bilingual Physicians: Their Value and Meaning

bilingual physiciansBeing able to speak, read and write more than one language is integral in many areas of the workforce in the United States specifically. One of the top industries in the need of bilingual physicians and staff is healthcare.  For example, the report by researchers at The George Washington University with support from the California Endowment studying communication between medical staff and patients who speak a language other than English, found challenges for the hospital to effectively use bilingual/ multilingual medical staff. Miscommunication and malpractice are the biggest culprits when language barriers rise, and we here at GANJ make it an importance to cover as many languages as we can through our highly skilled team of physicians. Besides English, we have provided a list of secondary languages our doctors speak:

Dr. Shami: Spanish, Italian

Dr. Volfson: Russian

Dr. Martino: Italian

Dr. Gupta: Urdu

Dr. DeMaio: Italian

Dr. Ruiz: Spanish

Dr. Pavlou: Greek

Dr. Kosc: Spanish

Dr. Kutner: Spanish

Last but not least, support and comfort are two main attractions patient look for in a physician and office staff. Aftercare is one of the most critical processes in recovery. At-home instructions are crucial to how patients heal. In addition, when it comes to billing, financial concerns, and social assistance, bilingual or multilingual in-house staff is advantageous and becomes incredible at facilitating communication to reduce patient complaints.