Ashok Gupta, MD

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As of January 3, 2023, Dr. Ashok Gupta has officially retired and is no longer a practicing physician at GANJ.

In announcing his retirement to his patients, he wrote: "Most of my patients have had a physician-patient relationship with me for many years. I have always considered it an honor that I did not take for granted, to be in that trusted position in your life. I thank you for extending that privilege to me."

Dr. Gutpa has given the responsibility of providing quality GI medical care to four of his colleagues here at GANJ: Dr. Rini Abraham, Dr. Oren Bernheim, Dr. Michael Mainero, and Dr. George Pavlou. Their offices are located at 205 Browertown Road, Woodland Park, NJ, and 246 Hamburg Turnpike, Suite 203, Wayne, NJ. They can be reached at 888-452-0022.

You can also choose from any of our 37 board-certified physicians working out of 27 office locations. Click here for our directory of locations.

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